Retro Highway

Retro Highway is a free to play pure arcade game by Gearhead Games ApS. It is a smartphone throwback game that mixes the simplicity and charm of traditional games with a skilful challenge of the modern age. The game is a source of nostalgia for players that used to play such arcade games back in the 90s. The game is available at iPhones, iPod touch and iPad devices.

The current version of Retro Highway available at Apple’s App Store is 1.0.5.

Ratings & Reviews:

Retro Highway has a rating of 4.1/5 on the Apple App Store, with 544 reviews. It is a 9+ rated game.

Game Requirements:

Being an arcade game, the requirements can’t get any minimalistic than this for any game present on the App Store. Retro Highway needs iOS 8 or above and with a mere download size of 87 MBs, the game can be played with all of its features.

In-App Purchases: Multiple In-App purchase options are available which are as follows:

• Remove Ads

• 30,000 Coins

• 75,000 Coins

• 15 Boost Tanks

• 40 Boost Tanks

$1.99 $1.99 $3.99 $1.99 $3.99

Home Screen:

Upon launching the game, players are greeted by a home screen which is one of the simplest they would see in the gaming industry nowadays. The home screen offers players the ability to launch the game with a single tap.


Methods to control the rider and to activate the boost can be adjusted from this screen.

Rider Options:

Various rider options are available that can be selected from the home screen. All riders have various gold requirements ranging up to 80,000 for Bosozoku being the best of them all with the best speed, handling, and durability. These options include:

• Pizza boy, who is the default rider • Vagabond

• Freak

• Amateur

• Daredevil

• Hell rider

• Enthusiast

• Savage

• Adventurer

• Racer • Bosozoku

Location Options:

Multiple map options are also available. They include:

• Emerald Hills, this is where the game starts

• Great Desert

• Moon Base

• Rocky Mountains

• The Downtown

• Candyland

Each location has a requirement that needs to be fulfilled before players can use that map. For example, to unlock Candyland, players have to complete a total of 100 challenges.

Playing the Game:

The gameplay is shown in the screenshot below. The rider can be moved right and left by tapping the arrows present at both ends of the screen. The option of activating the boost is also present at the right end of the screen and can be activated with just one push.

At the top left end of the screen, the current distance travelled by the rider from the starting point is displayed below which the number of gold coins collected during the current game session is present. On the top right side of the screen, the bike’s speed is displayed and under the speed display, the option to pause the game is present. Upon pausing the game, the objectives that need to be met for the current level are displayed.

Upon reaching the finish line and completion of each level’s set objectives, the level is cleared, and the rider is promoted to the next level. Visuals:

The game features very simplistic yet engaging visuals. The graphic content is pretty low quality which seems outdated at first but then again, being an arcade game, it is meant to be that way.

Final Verdict:

In terms of graphic content and attention to detail, the game is pretty basic, but it fully serves the purpose behind its creation. It captivates players looking to have an arcade experience for reliving their childhood memories and for that I’d say the game is a wonderful experience.


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